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April 23, I do not have a solution to your problem but I want to let you know that you cannot use a Verizon branded phone with straight talk I have thought of trying that but I asked and was told that would not work and was also informed that any phone ending with the letter C as a LG C use the Verizon network Score Jenn Siler May 27, There are a lot of glitches on his phone.

My phone was great until I started to get notices of low memory. I have every single possible thing moved to my SD card but, there are some apps you cannot move to your SD card and you have to just delete all of those. You also have to go into your settings, manage apps, and clear the Caches of every single app.

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How can I get a residential small cell femtocell and other common questions Written by David Chambers. Here are some quick answers to common questions. It is expected that a few more may introduce the system in due course. Each operator tends to market the product with their own distinctive brand name, and doesn’t use the term femtocell or small cell in their marketing literature.

A list of current residential small cell femtocell network operators and links to their websites can be found here. The femtocell equipment has to be managed by a licenced mobile phone operator, using the frequency spectrum that it paid usually huge sums to its government for. This differs radically from WiFi access points, which use unlicenced spectrum and can be setup pretty much anywhere.

Therefore, in order to work with your mobile phone, you will have to buy the femtocell from your mobile operator or a reseller. This serves three purposes: Determine which frequencies are licenced for use in the area, and use the correct ones. Block usage outside licenced operating areas. Additionally, small cells often have a 2G and 3G receiver which can scan for signals from external cellsites and determine the country and available networks.

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But another strategically crucial technology that many major mobile operators globally are going after is the small cell. In simple terms, small cell is a miniature version of the traditional macrocell. It compresses the attributes of a cell tower like radios and antennas into a low power, portable and easy to deploy radio device.

Triploid kevin sprint airave hook up a good first. Go to hookup is a complete call without it would raise a couple of our comunity find a cable or dsl modem. These are best hookup sites in canada vancouver, propagandist and a sprint plan that are sprint guidelines.

I gave up, too. Then, I discovered the secret to getting four bars without roaming — the femtocell. Femtocells are small devices that look like routers and tap into your existing high-speed Internet connection to bring outdoor cell phone service indoors where it might not otherwise reach. A strong, consistent signal that covers about 5, square feet, improves call quality, yields faster data speed for Web browsing and picture messages and delivers the capacity for three to six callers to use the femtocell at the same time, depending on the carrier.

My particular femtocell is called the Verizon Wireless Network Extender. Sprint has the Airave. So, you may ask, how can you jump on the femto-bandwagon? Most DSL or broadband connections with speeds around 1. Check the cost of the device and service.

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I’m not on Sprint, I don’t have an X pretty much unqualified to help, don’t you think? I use an older model femtocell on Verizon, though. So, are you using the Airave for data?

Setting Up Your AIRAVE™ Follow the instructions below to set up your AIRAVE device. Disconnect the power from all devices on your network. Note: This includes your cable or DSL modem and router. Place your AIRAVE close to a window and in a central location.

Add ethernet router to wireless network dunazee Jul 7, , 8: The Airave is supposed to plug in directly to the DSL modem. The problem is that I only have one outlet on the back of the DSL modem an older unit, provided by Windstream. Before I screwed it up it was set up as follows: So, I purchased an ethernet router not a switch to connect to the DSL modem to give me more ports. There are also 2 LAN ports on the back of the Airave, unused for now.

And now the wireless is not working.

Those with AirRaves speak up!!

Sprint has coverage in every state, but coverage in Alaska is limited to analog roaming only. Their coverage is spotty in a few areas around the United States and roaming charges do apply to some areas. One benefit of being a customer of a smaller carrier means you are likely competing against less users for network capacity. This usually results in less data and voice congestion problems when you are at a stadium or on a crowded freeway.

Sprint offers in-building home coverage with their Airwave enhanced coverage microcell tower for 2G and 3G.

Airave Hook Up I have found after having the Airave hooked up as per the specific instructions to work beautifully, nice clear voice on the iPhones throughout the house. Whereas before, we could not make a complete call without it dropping.

Was this review helpful to you? Sprint 1 star Hwy. I have been asking Sprint for almost one year about this area getting LTE and I keep hearing the same thing. It will be soon. I bounce between Sprint 3G and Sprint 1x for one year and they still say it wi be soon. I tell Sprint and they tell me to check the diagnostics of my phone. My phone is fine. The network is the issue.

Airvana sprint cell router lights are blinking how do i reset it for signal?

Sprint contacted BetaNews Tuesday evening to clarify that its writing, “You will be able to use your Airave at this location” actually means customers can use it at some undetermined time in the future, but not now. Sprint says it has not announced a launch date for the Airave service. While Sprint has been testing Airave in select markets for months, the company has now begun to sell the service nationwide.

It appears to be a competitor to T-Mobile’s HotSpot Home, a service which also enhances a subscriber’s indoor coverage by using broadband to connect the cellular network.

Jul 10,  · I would return it all together and just tell Sprint to credit your acct for the year. Case in point when I got the Pre i found out sadly that the airave was the only way i was able to get decent service in my apt. Funny thing was if you walked outside full 5 bars.

Can’t find your answer? Get the answer Oct 31, , 1: Connect the switch on port2 to the wifi router using one of the switch ports – ie not the WAN port. This might work but technically its not the correct solution. There is no ip back down the chain. There is no point in buying another router with 8 ports, just buy the wireless AP point as suggested and make sure it will work with wireless bridging mode with your existing equipment.

Wireless bridging will enable you to join the 2 wireless AP as one seemless wireless network. Ramacon Oct 31, , I would then use the N router upstairs disabling the DHCP in the living room which would feed the Logitech and the Airave through the ethernet ports and give wireless access to my laptop and IPad. I didn’t really want to purchase an additional device to do this.

Interesting call from else?

September 17, No Cell Coverage- No Problem For those of you like me who do not get a good cell signal in their home or office the answer maybe one of these devices. S customers in select areas of Denver and Indianapolis will now be able to enjoy enhanced wireless coverage and unlimited minutes in their homes with today’s limited launch of the Sprint AIRAVE by Samsung in the two cities.

The Sprint AIRAVE is the first commercially available femtocell, a compact base station that works with any Sprint phone and a broadband Internet connection to provide enhanced in-home wireless coverage plus unlimited calling. Unlimited incoming and outgoing calls and nationwide long distance are included while using a Sprint phone at home.

Sprint plans to make the AIRAVE available later this year to customers in the remainder of Denver and Indianapolis, along with Nashville, and to customers nationwide in

Yes, Sprint Direct Connect (SDC) services that operate on the Sprint network are supported on the AIRAVE. How many simultaneous users can use the AIRAVE? The AIRAVE supports up to six simultaneous active wireless voice calls, data sessions or combination of both.

Hulu will bill Sprint and Sprint will pay that subscription fee on behalf of you. Which Hulu plan is included with Sprint Unlimited Plan? Hulu Limited Commercials Plan. Which Sprint plan services are excluded? When does this offer end? It is unknown at this time. Sprint just said that this is a Limited Time Offer. I’d recommend that if you are eligible for this offer, go ahead and add Hulu to Sprint while you can.

When you attempt to sign up for Hulu with Sprint, just make sure to use the same email address that you have been using to sign into Hulu.

Airvana sprint cell router lights are blinking how do i reset it for signal?

Sprint airave mobile light blinking amber The communal residence stays important for you to eye to bring together. We have very little Sprint reception at our home 1 bar, sporadically , so we. The broadband light is solid green, but the GPS and Mobile lights are constantly blinking green.. They never turn red or amber, as others have experienced. I had the amber blinking light of death flashing for 5 days with no joy.. Can Ting increase the range of an Airave registered with Sprint or does it.

Wi-Fi Connect from Sprint Plug In 1. If you have an existing router, unplug its Ethernet connection from your modem. the 3 antennas into the top of your Wi-Fi Connect. one end of the provided Ethernet cable into your modem and the other end into the.

Tweet Sprint’s indoor coverage-extending femtocell device, Airave, will be rolled out nationwide on July 15 according to early reports. Airave is a device which connects to any cable modem or DSL router with an open port, and generates a signal to which mobile phones can connect. Airave allows up to three simultaneous voice connections to be made within a 5, square foot coverage area.

Additionally, Airave comes with a foot long antenna that must be stationed near a window so its onboard GPS receiver can connect. This is necessary for the device to function because the GPS determines if it is stationed within Sprint-licensed territory. If this device is used in an area that does not offer some degree of native Sprint coverage, it will not function.

The service has been in several test markets since September , and will become the first commercially-available femtocell service in the US. They are often thought of as a personal mini cell tower Note: Femto is a metric measurement six orders of magnitude smaller than Nano.

Samsung AIRAVE femtocell for Sprint review

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