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The biggest and best game download platforms Shares The gaming services that give Steam a run for its money Ten years ago, the mere suggestion of downloading a game digitally would have left most PC gamers aghast. As with all other shifts in the games industry, the PC led where others will surely follow. Digital distribution platforms, such as Steam, basically nabbed the iTunes model and applied it to gaming. We’ve actually reached a point where physical media is becoming less and less relevant. Physical copies of recent games such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Modern Warfare: Black Ops have merely been containers for a Steam code and a bit of data, the rest of which is downloaded online. The opinion seems to be that the majority of PC gamers don’t care about boxed goods, and would rather be able to play their games on the day they’re released than have to wait around with a Gregg’s pasty waiting for their local branch of GAME to open. In turn, every other platform is getting in on the digital download malarkey.

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Just two weeks apart Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 are being launched and it is fair to say that the proximity of the launches has had at least one of the developers scrambling to get their game out first. The recent multiplayer beta for Battlefield 3 as an example was far from the finished product that many would have expected at that stage in development with flying tanks and bugs galore yet the release date did not move. Just as reviewers can pick up on tell-tale signs that a game may be being protected by the PR teams… we can tell you as an example that Battlefield 3 joins a rather short list of key games this year where the mainstream press in this country were not given samples to allow review publication before release day… even hardware manufacturers who were keen to get the game into the hands of tech press for performance rather than gameplay evaluations were given the cold shoulder on their requests.

The strange thing about it all though is that we live in an online world where people can easily go and find a review from another region and forums with multi-national visitors can spread the word about game experiences instantly.

Bioware is giving out the Shadow of Revan expansion free and the KOTOR speeder from subscribing back in Oct The Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ team is excited to celebrate Microsoft’s release of the original Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic™ coming tomorrow, October 24th, to.

Don’t listen to Davros. It is extremely rare to encounter a hacker in BF4. I’ve had a lot of hackusations against me lol. It has happened to me multiple times and I have no idea as well. But I still love the game: I do as well when you don’t have the cheats ruining it as I do actually do all right. I leave that game leaving the kiddies to it and join another and suddenly its normal again.

Why I say so is I ask my squad and they feel the same as well. Sometimes is a bad day, where you find that you cannot even spawn. Few people might be too good, using best keyb and mouse with a great Hz monitors and ultra fast internet compared to me on an average 2. It is a bit different on consoles. I heard that recently the XBOX One servers have been lagging really badly, hopefully they resolve the issues soon though.

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Battlefield 3 Battlelog service will be down on August 9 for maintenance DICE has just announced that Battlefield 3 Battlelog service will be offline tomorrow i. This downtime will occur at With this new anti-cheating measures, players has the right to rate-out cheaters at Battlelog. To rate-out cheaters BF3 players has to just visit the cheaters profile and click on yellow triangle and give some words on what cheater did. New Battlelog update coming tomorrow at

The Tom’s Hardware team are long-time fans of the Battlefield franchise, not just because its games are fast-paced and fun, but also because EA DICE has a penchant for pushing graphics.

We designed co-op to be the perfect blend between the strong narrative from single player and the open-ended action from multiplayer. We are fusing the replayability of multiplayer with a pick up-and-play mentality to create a totally new flavor of Battlefield. Co-op follows the same philosophy as our award-winning multiplayer game mechanics. Teamwork is practically never forced upon you, but working together will make things much easier and — more importantly — lead to victory.

For the most part, the missions in the co-op campaign are asymmetric. This means that one mission can have you piloting a helicopter while your friend is the gunner, for example. Other situations have one player disarming a bomb and the other one defending him. Or as you could see in our press conference playthrough at gamescom you can do tandem kills to avoid detection. There are also other mechanics requiring teamwork, such as spotting enemies to make large firefights easier, or the essential concept of reviving one another to avoid ending up at the game over screen.

Give your co-op buddy a helping hand to stay in the game. The co-op missions in Battlefield 3 all take place in the same world as the single-player campaign, and follow a unique series of events that lead up to an explosive finish. Players in co-op will take the role of soldiers that are not tied to any one particular branch of the Armed Forces.

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Larger text size Very large text size It would be difficult to overstate the degree of excitement around the impending release of Battlefield 3. There is a lot to be excited about. BF3’s levels are designed on an unprecedented epic scale, with areas big enough to include infantry, ground vehicles, and aircraft, and battles between 24 players on PS3 and Xbox , and 64 on Windows PC. They are built in the amazing new Frostbite Engine 2, which allows game-changing environment destruction, so the battlefield always feels alive and dynamic.

Battlefield 3 System Requirements, Battlefield 3 Minimum requirements Recommended requirements, Can PC run Battlefield 3 system specs.

Eurogamer report that to change servers in the middle of a session, we’ll have to Alt-tab out of the game, and then start another match from the Battlelog website. As if that wasn’t strange enough, console versions of Battlefield 3 WILL be getting an in-game server browser. Senior designer on Battlefield 3, Alan Kertz was talking about the system on Twitter. No splash screens, no menus. Just straight to the playing. Infact, you can get to the Main Menu of the game from anywhere you have the net” Kertz defended the system, equating it to the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 server browser.

This is no different at all,” he tweets. Responding to a flurry of questions on Twitter, Kertz said “that’s the way the game is designed, we can skip loading a menu this way and reduce the time. As mad as that sounds, having a website as a main menu raises further questions. Will Battlefield 3 need to be online to launch the single player campaign?

If we drop the Battlefield 3. Why are the things I mentioned in that ridiculously convoluted sentence I just wrote even necessary? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

Games with the most cheaters, matchmaking?

Review By Dan Even before you get to the advanced multiplayer features, the game benefits immensely from both the higher screen and texture resolutions and the potential for silky FPS frame-rates. The biggest additions this time around are the inclusion of a story-driven single-player campaign and a set of supplementary two-player co-operative missions.

Everyone is invited! The Steam discussions are for everyone, new and advanced user alike! Searching is key! Before you post a question, use the forum search feature to determine whether your topic has already been covered.

By far the best looking military shooter on the PC ever! A worthy sequel and an ideally defining game to relaunch the Battlefield franchise with on the PC. True player online multiplayer military shooter gaming on the PC has never been better thanks to Battlefield 3. Single player campaign is for looks and only sets the stage, coop also seems like an after thought, not to mention that the jets and helicopters seem pointless in execution.

Trying to turn the game interface into a Facebook-like interface with Battlelog was totally unnecessary. The end product is a game that looks as good as Crysis 2, with a single player campaign that plays out like a Michael Bay blockbuster feature film and has the multiplayer legs to compete with the likes of anything else out there at present on the PC. However it also has its share of issues too. Battlefield has always been about a complete battlefield experience, which includes allowing players to utilize vehicles in appropriate and believable battlefield settings.

In BF3 vehicles are a lot of fun, and in the largest maps in Conquest mode the tanks will play a vital role. I absolutely love the tanks. While a lot more fragile, the Infantry Fighting Vehicles IFVs are also quite addictive to jump in and control as well. Few players seem to wait for anyone else to jump in, most just run off to the front lines, but this has always been the case in the Battlefield games: To me the most disappointing thing about Battlefield 3 also happens to be the feature that pre-launch I was most excited about.

The aircraft in Battlefield 3 look great, and the videos floating around pre-launch made them appear like a fantastic asset for the battles.

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I clearly remember being super excited right before the release of Battlefield 3 and totally charged up when DotA 2 was unveiled last August. Having the juice in your components and keeping the juice flowing when it matters are totally different scenarios, and I am going to focus on the latter one here. So, are you interested in getting the best possible performance out of your PC while playing your favorite games?

Battlefield 4 System Requirements, Battlefield 4 Minimum requirements Recommended requirements, Can PC run Battlefield 4 system specs.

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Well for one thing the vehicle controls are terrible. I’ve played Bad Company 2 and the helicoptors controlled far better, I have no idea why they decided to take a step backward and make them worse. Jets are useless, as you can see by watching the jets fly around but only get about 2 or 3 kills for an entire match.

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Battlelog – New server update lets you tweak Gun Master weapon progression By: Changes include the ability to tailor Gun Master mode to your liking. PC players have also received the latest game client update today. The available weapon progressions are: Normal Reversed reverses the gun order but keeps the knife as the ending of the match. Heavy Gear was added for the Assault and Support players out there wanting to only play with their favorite weapons — and to add a big bang we introduced the C4 just before the final knife kill requirement!

ARMORED KILL BEAUTY! – PC Ultra Graphics – Battlefield 3

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